The Enfield Volunteer Fire Department was formed in the late summer of 1957. Some of the names listed on records of 1957 - 1959 are: Harold Ledwidge, Lou Parker, Floyd Logan, B. Aulenback, J. Horne, Warren Gilby, Bill Arnold,Stuart Wilson, Ed O'Donnell, Austin Adams, W. O'Brien, Jack Thompson, Joe Ledwidpe, Murray Clarke, Alex McKeen, Laurie Ledwidge, Cliff Isenor, and Bordie Oakley. Lou Parker was the first Fire Chief, and Floyd Logan the first Secretary/Treasurer.

The dedication of these men in providing a much needed protective service to our community was evident in the fact that several of them signed a bank note to buy the first piece of equipment. The first fire truck, a 1941 International 5 ton, valued at $1500.00, was purchased in August, 1957. The group of men approached the local Roman Catholic Parish Priest, Father Devine, in regards to using a piece of church property to build a fire hall on. On September 5th, 1957, the Department's President received a letter from Archbishop Gerald Berry, giving consent of the Archdiocese to go ahead with the proposed 16' x 36' fire hall, to be used to house the newly purchased fire truck. A five year lease was given the Department at that time; years later it would be renewed for fifty years.

The firemen took turns that winter, as others, visiting the hall nightly to check the oil stove heating the hall. It had to be insured that the water did not freeze, that the driveway was cleared, and all was ready for an emergency call. The loan on this first truck was paid back by the Department holding ticket sales, dances and levees in the local Legion Hall. The ladies of the local branch of the W.I.N.S. acted as an unofficial auxiliary, supporting the Department by making lunches and working at fund raisers, through those first years. The Department arranged to obtain a portable pump and hoses to go with their truck from the N.S. Department of Lands and Forests.

With community growth the Department has tried to keep their Department up to fill the needs of Enfield. In June, 1963, a new building was started. The building they started with was donated to the community for recreational use, and moved up onto the Legion property. After being there a period of time, and no use was made of it, it was decided upon between the Legion and the Fire Department that the building should be sold. The building was purchased by Albert and Anna MacDonnell of Enfield. It was moved onto their property, and is still in use as the garage on Mrs. MacDonnell's property (the second house towards Elmsdale past Magic Acres Road).

The next truck purchased was a Ford 700 Pumper/Tanker. This truck was in use with the Fire Department up until its sale in 1985. When the Department looked at increasing their assets, they faced the problem of repayment of loans. In May, 1964 the Department's Chief, Lou Parker, came up with the idea of a weekly bingo as a means of income. He was willing to support the program, so much that Parker Brothers Store provided a start-up fund to get going. The Department held its first bingo game May 4, 1964. Through up's and down's, sometimes profits and a few losses, the bingo got underway. Over the years the bingos have become a source of enjoyment for many in the community, and helped the Fire Department to pay for that truck and steadily add to its equipment. In 1968 Frank Horne became the next Fire Chief and remained up until 1975. Ernie Blois acted as his Deputy Chief, and succeeded him as Chief in 1975. Ernie remains the present Chief of the Department. His Deputy Chiefs are Terry Jones and Bob Forrester. Terry MacAloney is the present Chief of the Department. His Deputy Chief is Todd Pepperdine. In 1969 the Department bought their present #1 Truck, a Ford Pumper/Tanker. Over the years since that the Department has increased their equipment substantially. In 1977, a quick response vehicle was purchased. This vehicle carries a small tank of water and emergency equipment to respond to fires or accidents. The early eighties saw the purchase of two 840, 1000 gallon Pumper/Tankers, and a Van to transport Firemen to fire sites or such.

In 1973 the next addition was put on the Hall. This new section gave way to a new space for trucks and a hall that has been used for Department events as well as community affairs. In 1974 Frank Horne, as the Fire Chief, lay a corner stone in memory of Lou Parker. Last year the Department renovated the first section of the Hall, extending it back to be able to house all the trucks in one area. Plans to make some changes to the top area of this section are on the agenda for this year, to stop the problem of the roof leaking.

At this time of year taxes are much in the minds of Taxpayers. It's a good time to stop and think that a portion of that money returns to our Fire Department to help with the very costly expenses this excellent equipment would have. With the Enfield Fire Department now listing their membership in the area of thirty, we as a community should feel very thankful that there are community oriented people that are so willing to give their time and efforts on our behalf. Its one thing to think of giving a Tuesday evening to attend a meeting or training; but these men put them selves on call 24 hours a day to come to assist when anyone of us needs their help. A tip of the hat to the dozen or so men that took the time and effort to start the Department; to the men who have, over the years, given of themselves to be part of the Department; and especially to the members that have had such dedication to the project to remain with it from the beginning till now. On behalf of the Department, an invitation is extended to members of our community eighteen years and older to become part of such a worthwhile cause - helping each other, helping ourselves.